Taqiya Ehsan

About me

I am a fourth-year undergraduate student pursuing Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science at Rutgers University through the Honors College. I completed my post-secondary education in Bangladesh, where I was born and brought up.

I always endeavor to bring curiosity and a steadfast work ethic to all my roles and responsibilities. I have experience conducting research under distinguished faculty at Rutgers & MIT. I also work as an Undergraduate TA and am passionate about creating equitable learning environments for students of all skill-levels and backgrounds. After completing my Bachelor's degree, I plan to pursue a PhD exploring the intersections of Machine Learning, AI, and Human-Computer Interaction to find my path into making opportunities of developing skills in science and technology more accessible in less advanced countries by mobilizing the power of technology itself.



Visual Prompting for Depth Estimation
Taqiya Ehsan, Hyojin Bahng, Phillip Isola

Analyzing Social Distancing Based on Sensory Inputs
Tahiya Chowdhury, Ansh Bhatti, Ilan Mendel, Taqiya Ehsan, Wendy Ju, Jorge Ortiz

Domestic Audio Classification
Taqiya Ehsan, Tahiya Chowdhury, Jorge Ortiz


India V Pakistan: The Next Nuclear Holocaust?
Taqiya Ehsan, Edward Castner

Self-Care in the 21st Century
Taqiya Ehsan, Debra Keates


Teaching Assistant
Data Structures (CS112), Rutgers University
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Ana Paula Centeno
Fall 2022 to Spring 2023
Student Evaluation

Learning Assistant
Honors College Forum, Rutgers University
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Talia Robbins
Fall 2020 to Spring 2022